Title[Lecture notes, author unknown]
Extent1 volume
DescriptionFragments of what may be lecture notes. The first entry is dated Monday 9 January and concerns mollities ossium and the affect and symptoms of rachitis on bones. The second entry, 'Tuesday' concerns joints and synovial membranes. There then follows notes in a different hand on the birth and death rates in Denmark, Norway, Schlewig and Holstein and other duchies 1805-1806 and births and deaths 1808-1812. The notes then return to the original hand but are probably out of order as they cover Saturday 24 December to Tuesday 27 December. These notes concern fibrous cartilaginous carcinoma, cancer of the eye, breast cancer and other cancers and end with elephantiasis and leprosy. The notes are taken in the first person eg 'an intelligent Professor of Chemistry at Berlin informed me' (first page) and 'pitch ointment I have found most advantageous' (tenth page) but this may only be the literal transcribing of what was heard in a lecture. Passing references to both Dr Adams and Dr Baillie.
Index TermEye diseases
FormatManuscript volume
CategoryLecture notes
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