TitleCollection of Sir George Erskine
DescriptionErskine was the third son of Sir Alexander Erskine of Gogar, a grandson of the Earl of Mar. A well connected lawyer and administrator, he was educated with the future James VI in Stirling Castle. In 1617 he became a senator of the College of Justice, a Lord Ordinary of the Court of Session, and took the title Lord Innertiel (or Invertiel). He was one of several Scottish aristocrats in the 17th century who was deeply interested in alchemy and maintained contact with Rosicrucians in Germany. It seems likely that Erskine began acquiring tracts in the late 16th century and early 17th century. An item in one of the volumes in the collection dates from after Erskine's death so Cromartie, who donated the collection, may have made later additions to the collection.
[Source: research by Professor R I McCallum - available to view on request]

Contents: Volumes of Alchemical Manuscripts, late 17th century; 'Ripley' alchemical scroll, 17th century[?]; Italian poems, 17th century
Date17th century-1707
Extent5 volumes; 1 scroll, 2 pieces
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