TitleCollection of Johann Schlimmer
DescriptionSchlimmer was a Dutchman who was one of the teachers at the Da-r al-fonun College in Tehran. The College was established with the initial objective of training army officers and civil servants but the school did make modern education including medicine, available. The school contained departments of medicine, including surgery and pharmacology as well as mining, engineering, and military sciences. The foundation for the Faculty of Medicine was laid by Dr. Jacob Polak who lectured on ophthalmology, surgery, and anatomy. After he became the shah’s personal physician, he was joined in 1856 by Schlimmer who also taught medicine at the Da-r al-fonun. Schlimmer wrote fourteen books on diverse medical fields such as pharmacology, ophthalmology, and paediatrics. He also compiled a dictionary of Persian medical terms as well as plants and minerals with therapeutic qualities with French, British and German equivalents entitled Terminologie Medico-Pharmaceutique et Anthropologique Française-Persane. This dictionary was a landmark in the gradual transition from traditional medicine to Western medicine.
[Source: Encyclopaedia Iranica (]

Contents: 'Terminologie Medico-Pharmaceutique et Anthropologique Française-Persane', 1874
Extent1 volume
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