TitleAudio and video: oral history interviews, lectures, public openings and broadcastings
DescriptionThis section contains four groups of interviews and an additional group of recorded events.

OBJ/ORA/1. Interviews carried out between 1995 and 2009, primarily by the College's then Honorary Librarian Martin Eastwood and the College Historian Morrice McCrae. The interviews are with certain notable Fellows of the College, including past presidents and other office bearers.

OBJ/ORA/2. Recorded conversations which took place in 1996 as a preliminary to a study of the creation of the National Health Service in Scotland which resulted in the publication of McCrae's 'The National Health Service in Scotland: Origins and Ideals' (2003). These are not structured interviews to cover specific questions, and were relaxed conversations, often over lunch. They discuss attitudes towards the NHS [National Health Service] among those who had experience of its formation and early years - civil servants, general practitioners, hospitals doctors and nurses and medical academics. In addition to the recordings, a paper list detailing the interviewees is held detailing a brief biography of each. One individual appears on the paper list of interviewees but there is no corresponding recording, that is Sir John Crofton, President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and Vice Principal of Edinburgh University.

OBJ/ORA/3. Recordings of College promotions, events and lectures. This is an artificial collection comprising recordings of events such as the College's tercentenary, the opening of the College's conference centre.

OBJ/ORA/4. Ad hoc interviews. This is an artificial collection comprising interviews with physicians, many of them fellows of the College, which have been desposited with the College.

OBJ/ORA/5. Interviews carried out with prominent fellows of the College in 2018. These will be closed to public access until 2038.
Date20th century - 21st century
Extent77 items
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